94 Calls and Dear Justin

94 Calls, 2017. Glassine paper, sharpie. 60”w x approx 110’long (variable), 

Dear Justin, 10” x 50’, postcards, plastic, thread, sharpie, 2017.

In 94 Calls, I write the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Calls to Action backwards with my non-dominant hand in a gesture of vulnerability and a willingness to see the world from a different perspective. The calls are written in the gallery on translucent paper and cascade from the ceiling, forcing viewers to walk through the piece. 

Dear Justin is an interactive response by viewers, reminding Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to fulfill his commitment to “fully implement the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission”. The 94 Calls to Action were written individually by viewers on postcards and mailed en-masse at a de-installation party at the end of the exhibition. The goal was to invite viewers to become familiar with at least one call to action in the absence of reading the full report.

I draw attention to the TRC report and encourage us all to be curious about our own prejudices and oppressive actions toward others.

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