Parallax Introvert

Image by Gregory Varano

Parallax Introvert, 2020. Aluminum, steel. 96″w x 72″h x 24″d.

Parallax Introvert encourages us to contemplate our limited human capacity to comprehend multiple perspectives at once and to open up to broader ways of seeing ourselves and others. The definition of a parallax is “the effect whereby the position or direction of an object appears to differ when viewed from different positions.” Parallax Introvert blurs the binary characterizations of introversion and extroversion allowing us to consider whether we are not just one or the other but rather all of these things together.

Parallax Introvert encourages us to explore the physical sculpture from different viewpoints and contemplate the subjectivity of our perceptions through two absurd poems and the reflective aluminum surface. The cut-outs of the x’s and o’s reference the common ground of love and allow us to see glimpses of the people and landscape on the other side. It is possible we are more together than we are separate?

I’d like to express my appreciation to Oak Bay Arts Alive and BC Arts Council for their involvement in this project.

Audio about this project:

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