The Kitchen Table

I am a non-Indigenous Canadian that grew up with a misrepresented view of Canadian history. As a first step in trying to reconnect the dots, I have read the Final Truth and Reconciliation Report completed in December 2015. This is a profound document that should be read by all. 

Several of my art projects are linked to understanding this history. In the audio clips below, other Canadians and I are recorded reading the Report. I personally found the act of reading the document aloud, allowed me to slow down and understand the readings more.

1trckitchen – Introduction

2trckitchen – Introduction

3trckitchen – Introduction

4trckitchen – Introduction

5trckitchen – Commission Activities

6trckitchen – Commission Activities

I stopped recording the clips as there is a fantastic audio reading on the TRC site here.

TRC audio recordings

I did finish reading the 350 page final report on my own. It is direct and generously written, providing suggested actions for righting the wrongs and working together toward change. It frames the Residential School abuse as a foundation for trauma which continues to resonate throughout our society.

TRC online reports

There are many controversial opinions and prejudices surrounding these issues. I am recording my learning through my art. bell hooks stresses in Feminism: a transformational politic, that we all play the roles of both victims and perpetrators in our everyday lives. hooks calls for conscious discussion within small groups about the power structures we live in.

Download transformational politic (near bottom of page)